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Darrell R. McQuarter is a 30yr Honorable Veteran of the Armed Forces decorated twice for HEROISM during service, Cognitive Therapist, Master Trainer and Life Coach who’s also Owner and Operator of Dsweatbox and President of a Non for Profit Organization called Mental Fitness & Physical Wellness. Darrell was formerly educated at The University of Maryland (Asian Div) in Japan, Campbell University (North Carolina) and Lastly Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago. He’s worked as Director of HIV/DAT for all 72 Military Entrance Programs, Associate Director of Upward Bound programs, School Psychologist at Urban Prep Academy, Senior Public Service Administrator of a Mental Health Facility, Darrell in his off time can be found on the beautiful lake front of Chicago jogging.

Shannon T. McDougal a registered nurse and health coach was originally trained in Psychology at The University of Pennsylvania where she also directed an African dance troop and worked alongside and graduated with Grammy award winning musician John Legend. Shannon spent 15 years in various departments in the hospital taking care of patients and helping to heal those with her uncanny ability to positively motivate those around her. She is currently a Co-Owner and operator of Dsweatbox LLC, a wellness agency dedicated to enhancing lives. She’s also the Director of a non-for-profit called Mental Fitness and Physical Wellness designed to combat obesity and reduce health care disparities. Most days you can find Shannon at 4am training her group clients otherwise she’s most likely traveling with her family enjoying people and exotic places.

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