Sexy By Summer

HIIT - Kick Boxing - Circuit - Aeroboc - BootCamp

Meal Plan | Monthly Weigh-in | 12 Classes per Month | Free Protein Shakes | Top Participants Gets Money Back.

Registration - $100

Monthly Payment- $225

Dsweatbox T-Shirt & Shorts / 12 Classes a month / Body Weight Assessment / Vega Daily Meal Supplement Protein Powder / Leading Participant FULL REFUND (Based on Attendance, Fat to Muscle Ratio %, Weight Loss, BMI) Professional Transformation Photo (Individual & Group)

all PROGRAM participants get 20% Discount on Personal Training

*Drop-Ins Cost: Pay $25 Dollars and 1 Day B4 Class Pay ONLY $20 by Zelle.

Participation Requirements Below:

Weekly Post on Social Media Pages, Dsweatbox Symbol on Participants Social Media Home Page, Daily Registration for Classes, Participant Accounts MUST BE in good STANDING to attend CLASSES.

Location: 1301 E 47th Street - Free Parking

Start Date: Jan 8th 2020

Ending Date: June 7 2020

Days of Operation:

Wednesday & Friday 5am-6am

Sunday 7am-8am